Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How much growing can a kid do??!!

It seems every week she's getting bigger! And the wheelchair people think she will last another year in her current chair. They don't know the power of Jade :) We measured her for a new chair in January. We're waiting on insurance right now to say yes or no. I'm just floored by the cost of a new chair. It's like buying a used car! I know some of those power chairs are upwards of $20k. She will never use one of those, but geez! Keep your fingers crossed they approve it. Because of the potential for her to get a new chair, we decided to go ahead and convert my van for wheelchair access. I hate the thought of the van being torn up and having less seating, but it is something that would have needed to be done eventually. They take it this week and we will be without it for FOUR weeks! It is sent to a factory in Michigan, thus the time frame. Crazy, huh?

So, she's been doing remarkably well over the last few weeks. I know, as soon as I write this, something will go dreadfully wrong :( She will actually go days without a seizure and it blows me away! I wonder how long our good fortune will last. We're definitely not making any changes to her meds/diet. I'm not going to fix what isn't broken. Her current issue is an excessive amount of air in her stomach. I don't know if it's from air swallowing since she chews on her thumb so much, or if the high fat ratio in her diet has really taken its toll on her belly. I just hope she is not constantly uncomfortable because of it. We vent the air out several times a day, so at least the g-tube gives her that level of comfort.

Our property is finally getting a workout. They completely cleared it, as you saw by the last posted photo. Last week, the surveyors marked off the outline and yesterday, they were to start digging for the foundation. So very exciting!!!!!!

My little pumpkin has decided to wake up. She's been sleeping in quite a bit these last few days. Thus the reason for my suspecting another growth spurt!

I miss all of you! Florida beckons those of you who are tired of fighting snow and ice (which is pretty much everyone who reads this!). We're waiting for you with lots of sunshine and warmth... :)


Katie said...

Hi :) So glad Jade is doing well! xoxo big girl!

Brooklyn said...

I am glad to hear Jade is doing so well, I am like you though, I almost hate to soeak (type) the words or we might just jinx our sweet girls. I pray for LOTS of good days to come!

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