Friday, January 2, 2009

What gives with this time of the year??

It seems now that our little princess might have a urinary tract infection. This is almost identical to last year's ailments. While her seizures are still okay, she's had a couple more large clusters that are a bit out of the ordinary. Today, when I checked her urine stick, it showed moderate traces of blood, small nitrites, and small leukocytes. After a lengthy message with Jade's nurse practitioner (her pediatrician is on vacation until Monday), she immediately decided to prescribe Bactrim in case it is an infection. Her urine stick is generally a good indicator of this. Thank god I don't have to bag her or take her for a catheter draw. That would have been the icing on the cake!

So, we will wait and see if this clears things up. It will be nice once this dreaded holiday season is all done so we don't have to deal with missing doctors, closed clinics, and idiotic staff (Apria). By the way, a rep from Apria called and said it was the insurance company's error. Go figure. That's what they told me the last time this happened. Yeah, right! Regardless, she got her supply about an hour ago, so that should hold us until the next time they screw up! :)


Katie said...

gosh Miss Jade, you sure keep mommy on her toes! xoxo

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Poor little sweetie, she can't catch a break!
Isn't it funny how it is ALWAYS someone elses fault! UGH.....wishing you a Happy 2009!

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